Where in the world have all the crocs gone?

My $5 bargain

No, not crocodiles, I mean Crocs shoes. The other day I saw a lady wearing one pink and one purple Croc. Remember when Crocs were a must have shoe? Once upon a time everywhere I went I saw Crocs for sale and on nearly everyone’s feet. It seemed nearly everyone I knew had a pair. Did all the Crocs finally wear out? Did this lady keep the best of her two pairs? When they appeared on the scene I was definitely interested In Crocs and was always going to buy a pair. I thought they were a good shoe for wet environments. People generally seemed to be happy with their Crocs when I asked them. The only comment appeared to be about how much they cost. Somehow I never got around to buying a pair and now I never think of them until I saw the woman with the non-matching pink and purple Croc. That’s the thing about trends, eventually they fade and are replaced with something else. The cost of following trends is worth thinking about.

When I saw the woman wearing the Crocs I was wearing a lovely pair of shoes that cost me $5 second hand. Although only $5 I didn’t really want to buy them as I felt I had enough shoes. Silly me! They looked so beautiful on my feet so I wore them home. Ny mother would never allow us to wear someone else’s shoes. She believed it wasn’t good for developing feet. I figure it now must be ok as my feet stopped developing some time ago.

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