About me


Hi I’m Ruth. Thanks for coming to Living Well on a Shoestring where you’ll read about the way I live. My goal is to live well on a limited income by becoming cleverer and wiser about how I use money.

Are you like me and finding that making ends meet is challenging, becoming more difficult? It doesn’t really matter how we come to be in a position where there is less money available. It can happen in many ways, illness & mental health problems, loss of work, divorce or even bad luck such as caught up in a scam. In my case work went from being secure to insecure and regular to irregular. Finding myself in this situation is somewhat like having an accident, you never know when it is going to happen! Without a reliable income I need to be smarter about how I use money. Of course I still want to live well and I’ve discovered many ways I can ‘spent small’ and still ‘live large’ that I write about and share here. Treat yourself well while looking after your money. You don’t have to do without, you do things differently, understanding how to make better choices and get a little more organised with money. When I’m organised I feel calmer. Look at this photo of rose petals floating in a marble bowl. The combination of pattern and colour I find beautiful and visually pleasing. This photo I took in Dar Sultan, a riad in the Medina, the old quarter of Tangier. How I came to be in Morocco is another story! From the days before the shoestring!

I, and you too, can live well on a shoestring.