Plenty and loss

Christmas is not far away. All the end of year functions and parties makes me conscious of food waste. How things change; nowadays all sorts of organisations such as my local Council, bank and utility companies email me with tips on how to reduce food waste this festive season. The electricity company also emailed advice … More Plenty and loss

Black Friday

Last Friday, at least where I live, was Black Friday. Did anyone miss that Black Friday was happening? Not me; I received emails from all sorts of places including Gumtree and Lasttix to let me know of the big discounts and deals available. I heard about Black Friday on the news, on radio and in … More Black Friday

Role models

Today an 80 year old friend helped me to attach my original screen door to my new back door. Well, in reality it was me who helped him. He did most of the work and I played the assistant. He showed me what to do then handed over the drill so I would learn. By … More Role models

Give something good

The Christmas festive season which each year seems to start earlier is well and truely upon us. Apparently every year Australians receive around 10 million unwanted gifts. There is so much waste at Christmas with lots of these unwanted gifts ending up in our waste streams and going to landfill. A popular and convenient gift … More Give something good

A $250 ticket

The Book of Mormon stage show has been around for some time but finally it came to my city and I wanted to go. The tickets however were too expensive for me. A website I subscribe to looks at booking numbers and from time to time offers cheaper tickets. I watched and waited. Sure enough … More A $250 ticket

Stained glass try out

Would you like to come to my stained glass class? Asked my friend Terry. I’ve always admired stained glass so I was interested and willingly agreed. Stained glass in old homes and buildings catches my attention and I often stop to take a closer look. No charge, it’s free, says Terry. Wow that’s a good … More Stained glass try out

Daily bread

This is my first batch of sourdough bread. I’m surprised at the result, that it turned out as well as it did as everything went wrong. Bread is essential to me, I find it hard to live without it and sourdough bread is my favourite.  At the end of the bread making class I attended … More Daily bread