A $250 ticket

The Book of Mormon stage show has been around for some time but finally it came to my city and I wanted to go. The tickets however were too expensive for me. A website I subscribe to looks at booking numbers and from time to time offers cheaper tickets. I watched and waited. Sure enough … More A $250 ticket

Stained glass try out

Would you like to come to my stained glass class? Asked my friend Terry. I’ve always admired stained glass so I was interested and willingly agreed. Stained glass in old homes and buildings catches my attention and I often stop to take a closer look. No charge, it’s free, says Terry. Wow that’s a good … More Stained glass try out

Daily bread

This is my first batch of sourdough bread. I’m surprised at the result, that it turned out as well as it did as everything went wrong. Bread is essential to me, I find it hard to live without it and sourdough bread is my favourite.  At the end of the bread making class I attended … More Daily bread

Have you got cash?

Almost every week I make a trip into the city. While I’m there I usually have lunch at a Japanese udon restaurant. With good food, fast service and inexpensive the noodle place is busy with a queue of people lining up. At the till a woman quickly tallies up my bill and automatically presents me … More Have you got cash?

Simple pleasures

A school playground across the road from my house has a set of swings in the far corner. It’s now school holidays and yesterday while outside, I noticed a child on the swings. Dressed in shorts and T-shirt and with their back to me, I wasn’t really sure whether I was watching a boy or … More Simple pleasures

Impromptu fun

Last week I wrote about all the interesting people I encountered while out and about on foot. I called this impromptu meetings, that is, unplanned and unexpected. It didn’t end there, the impromptu fun continued. Unexpectedly a friend invited me to accompany her that evening to a solo exhibition opening by an artist she evidently … More Impromptu fun