Eat at home

Home cooking is the most economical way to eat. Of course for special occasions many of us like to celebrate by eating out. And we can afford to eat out by eating in more often. I have come across interesting articles about how little home cooked meals can cost. Today I saw an article where … More Eat at home

Keeping fit

Keeping fit will in the long run save you lots of money. In today’s newspaper was an article “Keeping fit cuts cancer risk”. The research from the US showed that by keeping fit you protect yourself against getting cancer. The fittest people more than halved their risk of bowel or lung cancer and cut their … More Keeping fit

Health claims

Not long ago while over at someone else’s house, on commercial television ads were repeatedly screened advertising bottles of vitamins and supplements. This is why I don’t watch commercial TV, the ads are soooo irritating and repeated ad infinitum. The range of tablets available for sale was staggering, all proclaiming marvellous health benefits. Look in … More Health claims

A canny shopper

I’m home from the supermarket. Being a canny shopper everything I purchased today was a supermarket special. I only buy them when they are on special. According to the shopping docket I had saved almost $14. In another post I told how I only buy chocolate when it is half price. Today was a half … More A canny shopper

Spotting scams

Be on the lookout, scamsters sure are tricksters. Some scammers are very very good at scamming. After all it’s business for them, the way they make a living. Scams come by phone, email or through websites. Recently I received a text message purportedly from Medicare telling me I had over $200 of rebates waiting to … More Spotting scams