A $250 ticket

The Book of Mormon stage show has been around for some time but finally it came to my city and I wanted to go. The tickets however were too expensive for me. A website I subscribe to looks at booking numbers and from time to time offers cheaper tickets. I watched and waited. Sure enough some discount tickets did become available but still too expensive for me. My view is it would be really nice to see the Book of Mormon but not the end of the world if I don’t. The website then did something I’ve never seen them do previously, they offered heavily discounted tickets through a lottery system. This is my chance I thought and so entered the lottery. No luck, I missed out. Oh well my chances of going to the show were diminishing. Finally with less then two weeks left another offer to buy $50 tickets appeared for people who missed out on the lottery. Immediately I secured tickets. Yay I was going to The Book of Mormon. Unable to select my seat and not knowing the theatre seating layout I had no idea if I had good seats or not. What? My seat is in the second row. Is this good or am I too close to the stage and will have to crane my neck to see? Waiting for the show to commence I chatted to the woman in the next seat. Imagine my shock and surprise when she told me she paid $250 for her ticket. Wow. I don’t think I’ll divulge the cost of my ticket. I am so lucky; how fortunate am I to see the show I wanted to see at an amazing price. By not being impulsive instead waiting, keeping eyes and ears open, there are ways to be able to enjoy life and partake in all it has to offer. Even when your resources may be limited. Isn’t life good.

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