Teething troubles

Over the last week I’ve spent a good deal of time and money at the dentist. It started with a toothache that wouldn’t go away. Toothache definitely works in getting me to ring the dentist and make an appointment. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was having root canal work. … More Teething troubles

Stay out of trouble

A couple of weeks ago I closed one bank account and opened another at a different bank. I realised the first bank stopped giving me what they called ‘bonus’ interest and reverted me back to 0.05% interest which everyone knows is nothing! Luckily I keep my eye on my accounts as these things happen. The impact is … More Stay out of trouble

Up in smoke

I don’t smoke which stops my money going up in smoke. Besides not being good for your health smoking is an expensive habit. Luckily I’ve never smoked though I have been a passive smoker. My father smoked a packet a day. He lit the next cigarette from the smouldering butt of the one before. He … More Up in smoke


Waiting behind someone at the supermarket checkout I while away time checking out what’s in their trolley. I’m always interested but more often shocked. There’s so much soft drink in their trolley! All that soft drink must cost heaps every week. In my childhood my grandparents were the only people who supplied soft drink, lemonade. … More Temptations

It disappeared quickly

This is a sensitive topic. Though a funny topic to talk about, when I  mentioned this to others they say they’ve noticed similar behaviour. Is it wastefulness I want to talk about? Or excessive consumption? Maybe not really, but it’s certainly about people’s behaviour and I want to focus on one small particular aspect. In … More It disappeared quickly

A skill to teach

I need some money coming in; don’t we all! One day it struck me to see if I could teach a skill I had. OK, what skill? What can I do that many others can’t already do? Like everyone else I’m good at certain things, the things that everyone else seems good at as well. … More A skill to teach

Food waste

Food waste is a huge issue in Australia where it is estimated 20% of food we buy is wasted. We don’t check what’s in our fridge and pantry before we go shopping, we buy too much, we forget to use what’s in the fridge. Fresh food gets left too long and spoils and we throw … More Food waste