Random acts of kindness

At the movies

Tonight I was at my local cinema to see an Italian film. My friend who I was seeing the film with sent me a message to say she had her ticket and was inside the cinema reserving a seat for me as this was a popular film and a crowd was expected. There I was standing in the queue waiting to buy my ticket when the woman in front of me turned around and asked me if I was there to see the Italian film, The Invisible Witness. When I answered in the affirmative she told me she had two tickets to this film and as she was on her own would I like to have the second ticket. What a kind gesture. Realising therefore she was on her own I invited her to join myself and my friend inside. We chatted together before the film commenced to introduce ourselves. The three of us loved the film, it was so clever with many twists and turns until the very end. Afterwards we happily discussed the film, how good it was and our thoughts on the moral aspects it raised. As we enjoyed the film and each other’s company so much we swapped our numbers and agreed to be in touch. If Marcella had not made the gesture to turn to me and offer me her second ticket, meeting such a lovely person and making a new friend would not have happened. Random acts of kindness and speaking to strangers can have amazing results.

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