Plenty and loss

Christmas is not far away. All the end of year functions and parties makes me conscious of food waste. How things change; nowadays all sorts of organisations such as my local Council, bank and utility companies email me with tips on how to reduce food waste this festive season. The electricity company also emailed advice on how to save energy. All good advice though maybe not all of us are paying attention yet. My Council has sponsored food trucks to set up alongside the river on Monday evenings. What a great idea as after a hot day cooling breezes are to be found down by the river. Seating is set up and the band’s music contributes to a relaxed cool vibe. With so much on offer I checked the menu of every food truck before making my decision on what to eat. Finally my friend and I found a spare table to enjoy our food. Only there on the table was a  staggering amount of wasted food. People had left so much food behind and worse hadn’t bothered to take what wasn’t eaten either home or to a bin. It feels awful to waste food and money when so many people are homeless and hungry. Amidst all the good times behind the scenes other things are happening. Tonight I was at the workshop where I do woodwork projects. Next to me someone was making what I thought was a doll’s crib. No, wrong, it was a funeral casket for a stillborn baby. How terribly sad especially at Christmas time. There we have it, this is the time of year to think of others as life presents us with highs and lows.

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