Have you got cash?

Almost every week I make a trip into the city. While I’m there I usually have lunch at a Japanese udon restaurant. With good food, fast service and inexpensive the noodle place is busy with a queue of people lining up. At the till a woman quickly tallies up my bill and automatically presents me … More Have you got cash?

Simple pleasures

A school playground across the road from my house has a set of swings in the far corner. It’s now school holidays and yesterday while outside, I noticed a child on the swings. Dressed in shorts and T-shirt and with their back to me, I wasn’t really sure whether I was watching a boy or … More Simple pleasures

Impromptu fun

Last week I wrote about all the interesting people I encountered while out and about on foot. I called this impromptu meetings, that is, unplanned and unexpected. It didn’t end there, the impromptu fun continued. Unexpectedly a friend invited me to accompany her that evening to a solo exhibition opening by an artist she evidently … More Impromptu fun

Look what I found

My last post was about the large role my bicycle played in how I get around. Doing everyday things by bike gives me what I call, free exercise. Riding a stationary bike at a gym has always seemed crazy to me when you could be enjoying a bike ride outdoors. But I digress. The reason … More Look what I found

Cycle freedom

Last weekend I spend on Rottnest Island. I took my bicycle with me on the ferry. All I needed for the weekend was packed into my panniers (saddlebags) and a backpack and then I cycled from home to the quay. One great advantage was by riding my bike I avoided the pricey car parking fees … More Cycle freedom