Winter colds

Eucalyptus is my favourite

I’ve just gotten over a cold. Well, it is winter and my house is not the warmest. This cold was accompanied by an irritating cough that would escalate in the evenings and wouldn’t stop. The usual pattern is a two week timeframe for my colds whether I take medication or not. As there doesn’t appear to be any difference in how long my cold symptoms last I don’t bother with any medications. When you’re not feeling well, friends and family urge you to take A, B, C or X, Y, Z medication. How necessary and effective are these medications is the question I ask myself? A quick look in anyone’s bathroom cabinet or medicine chest and you’re bound to find many types of medicine in the form of tablets. Take a closer look and many of these packets and bottles will not only have plenty of tablets remaining, they’ll also often be out of date. Individually each of them are pricey so the cost mounts up when one has an extensive range of different cures. When I have a sore throat I use the age old remedies of gargling with warm salted water and drinking hot lemon drinks with maybe some honey which cost next to nothing. The most I keep on hand are eucalyptus lozenges that don’t cost a packet! It’s not so much about being reluctant to spend money, rather more about, is it necessary and do medications do any good? After all, whatever I do, on average a cold lasts two weeks.


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