Free books

Love reading

Once a month my book club meets. Some book club members buy the book while some, like myself, borrow the book from a public library. Whichever way, we all are keen readers. One of our members who is a particularly avid book buyer and reader announced she was off travelling indefinitely. Instead of paying to store her books she preferred to see her books going to people who would appreciate them; as well as actually read them!  I took the selection in the photo and when I have finished reading them I’ll pass them on elsewhere. I’ve always loved shelves lined with books in homes. Creates an impression of the owners being erudite! Books for me, are a bit of a fraught issue. I enjoy going to my public library to borrow books. This I do even though I say I support writers and the book industry. My support is by reading not by purchasing. This is the fraught bit, how can I really support the book industry if I don’t actually buy books? My justification is living on a shoestring. If you are like me, public libraries are a fantastic resource to freely borrow books. And DVD’s! More surprisingly the DVD collection is not ancient, though they do have old classics, but current with copies of  recently released films. My public library also offers access to a free film streaming service called Kanopy. So much choice and nothing to pay. Hence you can guess I don’t subscribe to any streaming or downloading service like Foxtel or Netflix. It’s your choice but if you need to rein in expenditure think about checking out your public library. Mine is absolutely terrific!


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