Out for a drink

Not propped up; leaning on the bar!

Going out for a drink is common practice and a pleasant activity where I live. Going out for a coffee or a drink is a usual way we catch up with others or see what everyone else is doing. I enjoy going out to a bar for a drink, a glass of wine for me, it’s an excuse to get out, relax and socialise in surroundings that have a bit of a buzz. In reality I only go to a bar now and then and usually have just the one drink. That’s right, one drink. Well, never more than two at the most and that would have had to have been a special occasion. Two drinks starts to become expensive, after all I could have purchased a bottle of wine for the same price. I still have a good time with one drink; the important thing is to be out mixing and socialising with others. I like to see the architecture and interior design of bars; be amongst people and soak up the atmosphere and energy. I can afford to do this as I don’t settle in and spend a whole evening at a bar buying drinks. I go to spend time with others and have a drink. Bars are not barred, they are places to go and have fun only don’t let the spending get out of hand.

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