Spotting scams


Be on the lookout, scamsters sure are tricksters. Some scammers are very very good at scamming. After all it’s business for them, the way they make a living. Scams come by phone, email or through websites. Recently I received a text message purportedly from Medicare telling me I had over $200 of rebates waiting to be refunded to me. All I had to do was click on the link in the text and fill in my details. Amazing coincidence to receive this text the day after what for me is a rare visit to a doctor. Immediately all my scam bells were ringing. Medicare don’t send text messages especially at 4.00am. Besides my Medicare refund is sorted out at the Doctors & done as a bank transfer so I knew no refunds were outstanding. I found the phone number used and, no surprise, it was already disconnected. Reporting all this to Medicare’s scam line I learned hundreds had been duped by this scam. They handed over all their details and subsequently had their identities stolen.

This is just one example of a scam. Lots come by email. Basically if it is too good to be true, think scam. How could I win a lottery I’ve never entered? Why would someone in Africa want to give me millions of dollars? The obvious ones are badly written and with spelling mistakes. One scammer uses my sister’s email address but not one bit of the email is my sister talking. Being sceptical helps me to spot the more sophisticated scams. I don’t open any attachments or click on links sent to me from unknown sources or from organisations who I know won’t communicate that way. Don’t lose your money, learn how to spot a scammer. Keep ahold of your money don’t let it get swept up by scammers!


One thought on “Spotting scams

  1. Great advice Ruth! We had a scam call recently purporting yo be the NBN. Luckily, Pete was suspicious and didn’t do what they wanted and just hung up. You have to be on the alert, that’s for sure. Y & P


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