Quenching that thirst

Drink water, it’s good for you

Where I live water is precious. We have hot summers and little rainfall. Being lucky enough to live in a place where the water supply is well managed I can trust the water out of the tap. Having said that I do out of habit use a water filter but there’s nothing wrong with the water coming out of the tap. In fact a science program tested and compared tap water to a variety of bottled waters, some quite expensive. Tap water was a clear winner in being better for you as it had more good for you trace elements. When shopping I can’t believe the amount of bottled water people buy. Bottled water price is exorbitant compared to tap water. Buying bottled water also causes environmental problems – single use, littering, inadequate recycling and the use of resources and energy to make the bottles.

My stainless steel water bottle I take with me wherever I go. In the car, on my bike, in my handbag, on a plane or train. And when out I refill it from a tap, all for free. Living in a hot climate I like to have water to hand. It’s remarkable how I immediately feel thirsty when I realise I’ve left my water bottle at home! I never buy bottled water and this saves me a small fortune. When I want a different cold drink I turn to my soda water maker and drink water with bubbles. Forget buying water; don’t waste money and drink water out of the tap.

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