A canny shopper

The specials

I’m home from the supermarket. Being a canny shopper everything I purchased today was a supermarket special. I only buy them when they are on special. According to the shopping docket I had saved almost $14. In another post I told how I only buy chocolate when it is half price. Today was a half price chocolate day! Fruit and vegetables I buy at a Farmers Market. And I don’t buy meat. What is here is part of the range of foods I buy at a supermarket. If not on special I don’t buy. When on special I may buy more than one to stock up. I’m not starving in the garret. I live comfortably by being a canny shopper. I keep my eye on the pantry and fridge and take note of when stocks are getting low. Each time I go to the supermarket I check to see if these regular items are on special. I’m not missing out on anything. I eat a diverse range of foods. If my stocks are depleted and the item has not come on special, I eat something else. In the diary section I like several brands of yoghurt and cheese. One of the brands I like is bound to be on special. Be a canny shopper and make the most of each supermarket trip by being prepared.


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