Health claims

Put a cap on tablet taking

Not long ago while over at someone else’s house, on commercial television ads were repeatedly screened advertising bottles of vitamins and supplements. This is why I don’t watch commercial TV, the ads are soooo irritating and repeated ad infinitum. The range of tablets available for sale was staggering, all proclaiming marvellous health benefits. Look in anyone’s bathroom and kitchen and I’ll bet you’ll find enough bottles of pills and tablets for them to almost open their own chemist shop. It’s a wonder they don’t rattle when they walk. People spend a small fortune on taking a range of pills believing they will make them more healthy. What surprises me is how expensive these vitamins, minerals and supplements are.

But … do we really need them? I spend nothing on vitamins or supplements as I take no tablets of any kind. Instead I eat well and exercise daily. In the past I have been sucked in by the advertising and have taken some of these things. But honestly I have felt no different and definitely no better. I don’t waste my money on vitamins and supplements so think whether you need to waste yours. In fact I almost never go into a chemist. What do I need there? I would only go to a chemist to fill a doctor’s script and I rarely have one of those. Diet and exercise are more important to me. Diet and exercise give me more energy and vitality than taking tablets. Have a close look at how much you spend on vitamins and supplements. And then take a look at how many bottles of pills are past their use by date!

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