Keeping fit

Keeping fit will in the long run save you lots of money. In today’s newspaper was an article “Keeping fit cuts cancer risk”. The research from the US showed that by keeping fit you protect yourself against getting cancer. The fittest people more than halved their risk of bowel or lung cancer and cut their risk of dying from cancer. Keeping fit can cost next to nothing while cancer treatments can be very expensive. I keep fit by swimming. As I swim in the ocean this costs me nothing. Riding my bike to the beach to swim helps keep me fit and again costs me nothing. Through swimming, walking and cycling I incorporate keeping fit into my daily routine. They have become part of my regular activities as when I’m fit and healthy everything is so much better. How you keep fit is up to you, there’s so many ways to keep fit. I like and get lots of fitness tips from programs from people such as Dr Michael Mosley. Dancing is a great way to keep fit and an activity I hope to take up. It’s your choice but keeping fit makes so much difference on what you spend on your health. It costs next to nothing to stay fit. So save your money and get out and do something active.

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