Eat at home

My homemade kimchi

Home cooking is the most economical way to eat. Of course for special occasions many of us like to celebrate by eating out. And we can afford to eat out by eating in more often. I have come across interesting articles about how little home cooked meals can cost. Today I saw an article where top cooks were challenged to come up with delicious meals for less than $4 a serve. Now $4 is about the cost of a takeaway coffee here so this is very good value. The cooks not only achieved this but many of them came up with meals for under $2 a serve. All the cooks provided their recipes for people to make at home. As well they made a list of essential ingredients like rice and noodles to keep on hand, along with advice on how to shop smart like going to the markets at the end of the day when producers dramatically cut prices. In my own case, every now and then I like to eat Kimchi. Finding the commercial varieties a bit pricey I decided to make my own. In comparison my Kimchi was so economical. It took the will to make it myself and to get organised and go do it. Not only did I save money, I got so much satisfaction from successfully making my own.


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