What a fun cake.

Not so long ago I celebrated my birthday. With lots happening I took a break from this blog. The break led me to consider whether to continue with Living Well on a Shoestring, take a new direction or do something different. Something that struck me was the effort it seemed to take to come up with an appropriate photo for each post. How important is the photo? Are the photos any good anyway?Perhaps because it’s winter I’m not as motivated or energetic? Reflecting on events over the last couple of weeks I did realise that many things pop up to write about and the photo challenge could be overcome. One of these things was having a birthday. Cake, best wishes from people and going out for dinner, to me, make for a really good birthday. Maybe having modest expectations was key? Firstly I knew that I liked to acknowledge and celebrate my birthday. In terms of material things there was nothing much else I needed or wanted. A ‘teapot’ cake that a very good and kind friend went out of her way to get surprised and delighted me. Smiles were everywhere! As we know it’s the little things that mean so much. It’s being remembered and the thoughtfulness and kindness of others that make a birthday special. Simple touches that don’t cost a fortune go a long way.


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