Camping Trip

There’s something satisfying about erecting your own shelter

For some time I’ve wanted to go to Lake Ballard, north of Kalgoorlie, to see Antony Gormley’s sculptures. As the 51 sculptures were installed in 2003 it has taken me quite awhile to make the journey. Lake Ballard and the sculptures were worth the wait and the 740km drive from Perth. To see the sculptures was a unique experience and so worth the effort to get there. There is lots of information online about the sculptures but if you can go see them yourself. It is recommended to see the sculptures at sunset and again at sunrise. As Menzies, the closest town to Lake Ballard is over 50km away, camping is the only option to stay overnight. The facilities are basic at the Lake Ballard campground; you must bring all you need with you. I had borrowed a tent to camp out. In fact I had the only tent, everyone else at Lake Ballard came with a caravan.  Camping with a tent means cooking and eating outdoors regardless of any wind or cold evening temperatures. We were lucky enough to find an unoccupied picnic table and fire pit. It’s absolutely magical to sit outdoors beside a blazing fire and beneath the Milky Way. The cold clear air meant a brilliant night sky. We were in awe and could not gaze enough upon the billions of stars above our heads. Being outdoors we had the best view. I felt our star gazing was more immediate and intimate than for those inside caravans. Camping is a wonderful way to connect back to nature; it is good for the soul, so restorative. I realised how much I had missed being out in nature and how good I felt. Besides being so good for you, camping is such an economical way to travel and won’t break the budget.

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